Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cosmopolis Opening and End Credits in HD

Click on the caps to watch. No spoilers.

Opening credits

Main on end credits

Credit JustinStephenson: Creative Director, Designer, Animator. Via Gossipgyal RPLife


Regina said...

both of them look AWESOME!!!!! soooo happy that Rob became a part of this wonderful project!

Malia said...

Tanx S, finally it'll be here in Dallas/TX & Plano/TX - 8/31...I'll see it then w/my peeps...bout time huh,lol...heartya S! :DD )**( ~~//||\\~~

Anonymous said...

Just saw it in Austin. Rob was excellent! Loved it.

t. from MN said...

Hi S and everyone,

I saw the movie last night and really enjoyed it! The credits & artwork were impressive, as was the music. Rob's performance was mesmerizing!! He had me locked-in from beginning to end. His talent and commitment was really demonstrated in this movie, and so was David Cronenberg's. Paul G, Kevin, Sarah, and the rest of the cast were great too. A must-see for Rob and DC fans!

Have a great weekend!

Tanya said...

Ha! Ending credits played on a Rothko :)
Thanks S!

TBB Admin said...

@Tanya Yep, love the mood and colors :)

Hi T from MN, Malia, Anon and Regina!

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